Thinking about pedagogical agility

Our project is going really well. We have a great team who are really engaged and working constructively. Our ethics application has been approved, and the first week of teaching is underway.

The Ako Aotearoa Colloquium in Wellington was inspirational.  I loved hearing from people involved in research projects that benefit learners.  Dr Peter Coolbear reminded us that institutions are constructs, and they can be changed.

I was thinking about all of the myriad of contexts that our students and teachers work in, and how we are looking at using mobile learning to bridge some of these contexts. It got me thinking about pedagogical agility – the ability to adapt pedagogically to new learners, new situations, new tools.

Our students and teachers need to be pedagogically agile in order to negotiate the rapidly changing educational environments in which they find themselves. My hope is that our project will be useful through exploring and researching aspects of that agility.



2 thoughts on “Thinking about pedagogical agility

    • Thanks Thom. It came from thinking about the rhetoric and reality of our continuums, which we press flat in order to describe and understand the models, but which in reality are made up of lots of micro-cycles (or micro-muddles) as we learn, set up learning, drive learning and allow learning to take place. Also brought agile development cycles into the mix ;).

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