Thinking about time to play and make mistakes

We’ve been having discussions about how to make time to play with mobile devices.  We are all so busy, and yet play is such a great way to learn.   Alongside that is that it’s OK to make mistakes.  We have to be able to try things, get them wrong, and keep trying in order to learn.

I watched my 8 year old with a guitar.  She hasn’t had any lessons.  She has a book which she has been using to teach herself some chords.  She plays her guitar upside down, she plays it with the neck pointing to the sky and her head hanging off the couch, then she gets up and stands beside it.  Each time she changes how she plays it, she notices that the sound is different.  She is the same when she is playing with a stick or with Garageband on the iPAD.  She experiments and tries things out.  She explores the affordances of everything.  She isn’t bound by a knowledge of the correct way to use things, and so she learns much more about them, and far more quickly than I do.

What do you do to make time to play?  How do you make time to get to grips with your mobile devices?  How do you allow yourself to make mistakes?



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